Anti Exploitation
Social Network

Social is Antisocial - Sharing is Selfish - Free Content is very Expensive
Your privacy is a right that is not sold!

Anti Exploitation is a new social app that offers a completely commerce free zone! The RIOT is a PUBLIC forum that you can find users to follow. Followed users will show up in your FOLLOWING stream. You can also create private MOBS for private conversations with a specific group. Please use a profile name that is more creative than what your parents gave you! You can post anonymously when your avatar is the Guy Fawkes mask from the Selfiecon Com screen that is accessed by touching your icon in the communication portal. You can also create your own Selfiecons for whatever emotion you want to convey. This app is founder funded and will be user sustained. Enjoy ANTI!



ANTI DATA EXPLOITATION: No harvesting or monetization of any data • ANTI PERMANENCE: Delete means delete! Public Mob posts descend into chaos. Private Mob and Your Mob posts last until deleted. All things can be deleted anytime • ANTI EXPLOITATION OF CHILDREN: Adults only! If you get it, get it. If you don't, forget it • ANTI CONTENT MODERATION: No low paid wage slaves monitoring and deleting soul damaging images and content. Anti is a self-policing mob!

ANTI IDENTITY: Post as a made up persona or totally anonymous. • ANTI EMOTICONS: No bullshit prepackaged emoticons. Make your OWN SELFICONS. • ANTI CREEPY TECHNOLOGIES! At the end of the day, the value isn't in how many people use it, it's that we built what was needed to deal with the various forms of exploitation that are taking place. If the sheep like it or don't care enough to fight, that's their decision/problem. ANTI! Nuf said!

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